Bulk & Bagged Coal
We are Western New York's largest dealer of
Anthracite Coal. We carry a full variety of sizes:


All sizes are available in Bulk. We also carry 40lb
and 50lb bags, sold by the individual bag or by
the ton.

Upon customer request, we offer
Oil Treated Rice and Chestnut coal in bulk.

We accept cash, check, and credit cards!
We are a HEAP Vendor, authorized in 9 Counties.
Customer Pickup

We welcome customer pickup during
normal hours. Fill your own buckets or
we'll load it for you. We're happy to
load anything from a short box pickup
to a 10-wheeler, or utility trailer. We
have 5 gallon buckets and poly bags
available for purchase, if you need them!

-NYS Certified Scales
- Experienced loader operators
Need coal delivered? No Problem!

Utilizing our fleet of delivery trucks and trailers,
we can effortlessly deliver coal to any home or
business. From dumping the load on a tarp to
long stretches up to 30 feet from the truck with
multiple augers/chutes, we are not scared to take
on a challenge!

We operate a top notch, clean fleet of
equipment. Most of our trucks are capable of
hauling 5 1/2 ton maximum per delivery. We've
purchased smaller trucks, to allow us to cross
your lawn without worry of excessive damage to
the turf, and we are able to access extremely
tight locations with ease.

As a general rule, please call as far ahead as
possible to schedule your delivery. While we
will make every attempt to facilitate a same
day delivery if you're out of coal, due to our
delivery schedule this may not always be
possible. We are happy to work with your
schedule and are always willing to schedule
early morning or late evening deliveries to
accommodate your workday.

We deliver 7 days a week year-round. If we
need to cross your lawn, it's preferred that
you have us deliver in the summer months
when the ground is hard.
Coal Bin/ Storage

Over the years, we have seen just about
everything. Coal does not go bad or deteriorate
over time like wood so it's okay to store it outside,
exposed to the elements. We've found that most
coal burns better/hotter when it's wet so you don't
need to worry about rain or snow.

There are two major differences in storage. One
being inside your home (such as in a basement,
garage, attached coal room, etc), the other being
outside (such as a coal bin, shed, lean-to, or
simply on the ground). There are pro's and con's
to each type of setup, feel free to call/email us if
you're in need of guidance getting your storage
area setup.

We also build custom coal bins!
Coal Delivery Area
To schedule a delivery of either bulk or bagged coal:

Call our office (585)367-3246
Email Us
or click here to contact us!