Gravity Fed and Hand Fired Radiant Coal Stoves

We offer a large selection of hand fired and gravity fed coal stoves. Hand fired stoves feature
an open firebox (similar to a wood stove), that will allow you to load coal through the front
door of the stove. Gravity feed stoves feature a top loading hopper, that can hold 30-80lbs of
coal. Many of these stoves can also be used to burn wood.

All radiant coal stoves will operate without electricity, although most do include a convection
blower that will circulate air throughout your home when plugged in.
Hitzer 30-95 Ez-Flo Hopper Stove
Hitzer 50-93 Ez-Flo Hopper Stove
Hitzer 254 Hand Fired Stove
Hitzer 354 Hand Fired Stove
Hitzer 55UL Radiant Heater
Hitzer 82UL Radiant Heater
Keystoker 70/90 Hopper Stove
Keystoker  70/90 Hand Fired Stove
Keystoker Radiant Cook Stove
Reading Swatara Hand Fired Stove
SAEY 92 Coal Stove
SAEY Hannover I Coal Stove
Radiant Fireplace Inserts
Hitzer 983 Fireplace Insert
Hitzer 503 Hopper Insert
Keystoker 70/90 HF Fireplace Insert