Automatic Feed Stoker Coal Stoves

We offer a large selection of auto-feed stoker stoves. These stoves are extremely user
friendly. Simply set the thermostat and fill the hopper/empty the ash pan every few days.
Depending on the size of your home, most average about 2-3 days of burn time before the
hopper needs to be filled. Auto-feed stokers require power to operate. If you have a long
term power outage, the stove will not run without either being plugged into a generator or
setup on a battery backup system.
Hitzer 608 Energy Master I Stoker
Keystoker 90/105
Keystoker 75,000 Bay Window
Reading Allegheny Coal Stove
Reading Lehigh Coal Stove
Auto-Feed Fireplace Inserts
Keystoker Hearth 90 and 60ZC
Leisure Line Lil' Heater
Leisure Line Lil' Heater Sidewinder
Leisure Line Pioneer
Leisure Line Independence
Leisure Line Hearth Model